October 28- 29, 2017


Oriental, NC 28571


6 Professional Presenters

PEP Retreat Parkinson’s Exercise Prescription Retreat

The PEP retreat is a two-day event where PWP learn about and participate in sample sessions of professionally-guided, scientifically-based exercise programs. Information and resources will be provided to help participants learn how to access and/or expand these programs into their own communities. Guided break-out sessions will also be offered to accompanying caregivers to help them understand the role physical activity can play in their own mental and physical well-being.

Where: Village Health and Fitness, 1006 Broad St, Oriental, NC. 252-249-1869.

When: October 28-29, 2017

Cost: Registration for this 2 day event is $75. This includes all lectures and excercise sessions, plus lunches for both the PWP and their partner. Dinner option is an additional $20 per person.


PEP Retreat Schedule


LSVT BIG is a structured excercise program designed to increase the amplitude of moevement. PWP tend to move "smaller." Writing gets tiny, arms swing less and steps become smaller. LSVT BIG recalibrates the way you perceive movements so you learn how to move "big" again.

Yoga (at OWC)

Recent research shows that specifically designed yogra programs reduce bradykinesia (slow movement) and rigidity (stiffness) while improving the quality of life of PWP.

Dance (at OWC)

Specific areas of the brain that are affected by Parkinson's may be activated during the rhythmic movement of dance. Studies show that PD-specific dance techniques improve balance and mobility.

Rock Steady Boxing (at VHF)

Boxers train for optimal agility, speed, endurance balance, eye-hand coordination and strength. It's all the things PWP need. Rock Steady Boxing is an intense, non-contact boxing program developed for PWP.

Tandem Biking (VHF gym)

A neurologist discovered that when PWP rode on a tandem bicycle and were compelled to pedal faster than their voluntary rate, many of their PD symptoms diminished more and for longer than when they rode alone. These findings led to the development of stationary tandem bike programs for PWP.

PWR! - Parkinson's Wellness Recovery (at OWC)

PWR! uses standardized moves but allows PWP to customize and change the focus of daily exercises. PWR! goals are to improve upgright posture and gain the ability to weight shift (to decrease freezing episodes), to rotate (to decrease rigidity), and to transition (to be able to freely move from one position to another).

PEP Retreat Presenters

Dr. Jennifer Smart

Physical Therapy

Dr. Jennifer Smart received her BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland and her Doctorate from UNC-Chapel Hill. Smart is LSVT-Big and Parkinson’s Wellness and Recovery (PWR!) certified and uses both in an outpatient PT setting. Smart initiated and manages both the PD tandem cycling program and the Pamlico affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing.

Wendy Osserman

Dance for PD

Wendy Osserman B.A.: Smith College; M.A.: NYU. Wendy Osserman Dance Company ( Osserman has extensive experience teaching dance to both children and adults and, in 2015, after being inspired by David Leventhal, the program director for Dance for PD, Osserman began offering dance classes specifically for PWP.

Allison DeWeese

Rock Steady Boxing

Allison DeWeese has a background in dance and martial arts and is a certified Rock Steady Boxing coach. When she’s not boxing or dancing, Allison is a writer with DeWeese teaches weekly classes for PWP.

Dr. Lisa Niethamer

Physical Therapy

Dr. Lisa Niethamer, DPT, OCS, PYT-c is a practicing outpatient PT who received her doctorate in physical therapy from Lebanon Valley College. Niethamer completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program and is currently completing her certification in Professional Yoga Therapy.

Elaine Hills

Dance for PD

Elaine Hills is a recently retired PT who is now the assistant instructor for a PD-specific dance class and volunteers regularly for both Rock Steady Boxing and a PD tandem cycling program.

Heather Brewer

Exercise Physiology

Heather Brewer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Exercise Physiologist.  She received her undergraduate in Health and Sports Science from Wake Forest University and received two Master’s Degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill, one in Exercise Physiology and the other in Social Work.

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• The Inn at Oriental / / 252-249-1078

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PEP Retreat Location

Village Health and Fitness
PO Box 769
1006 Broad Street
Oriental, NC 28571

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